Current Staff Members

  • Kevin Mitchell: Editor-in-Chief

    Kevin is the big man around here (no, seriously, he’s taller than everyone) and has thusly granted himself the title of Boss. When he’s not busy bossing around on the site, expect to find him knee deep in the control room recording footage of just about any game. He would be extremely happy if Dice adds Wake Island to BF4, so he can use explosives on everything. Everything.

  • Joan Mitchell: Managing Editor

    Growing up in the Philippines, Joan spent many hours with the Famicom while the rest of us have only played the NES. She lets everyone know when she thinks a game looks too ‘box-y’ and wishes Konami would re-release Konami Wai Wai World.

  • Marcus Jones: Reviews Editor

    A serious gamer, Marcus can usually be found on any system at any time of the day practically. It’s a little sad at times though, because he is known to play certain games that…well, are less than manly. We’re looking at his track record with Barbie Horse Adventures…oh crap, we were forbidden to speak of that. You can find him at Those Other Guys as Player 2.

  • Mike de Leon: Senior Editor

    Mike spends his free time experiencing new and unique titles on Steam. You won't find him using voice chat in any multiplayer game, but you can find him running across rooftops in Assassin's Creed or most recently slaughtering thousands of Fallen and Hive for glimmer in Destiny.

  • Ilya Dvilyanski: Associate Editor

    Ilya was born in the former Soviet Union and moved to the States in 1996. Games and gaming immediately became major passions starting with the classics like Mario but then quickly moving on to more serious games like Metal Gear Solid. A firm believer that video games are an incredibly strong medium for story-telling, Ilya can be found trying to break AI's or trying to be a good pilot in Battlefield.

  • Timothy Giganti: Associate Editor

    A firm believer in the PC master race, Tim can be typically found pulling off headshots and disarming bombs in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. If he is offline, he is probably lamenting the fact that there isn't a new story driven Legacy of Kain.

  • Catherine Delgado: Associate Editor

Former Staff Members