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Review Policy

As the industry evolves, our goal at SelectButton is to offer would-be buyers a critical look on how a game succeeds and/or fails, but most importantly is it worth the price of admission. At the turn of a new generation, we wanted to revisit our review process. Reading our reviews is the quickest way to get to know the person behind the name on the byline, so we encourage you to not glance at the score, but to read the full review and to interact with your fellow readers.

What do our scores mean?

We have decided to simplify our review score. Previously we used the entire spectrum from 0-10. At the time we believed it gave us enough flexibility to provide accurate scores for any released game, but if anyone can tell us the true difference between a 8.2 and a 8.3, we are all ears. As time passes, our expectations from games must be adjusted. You can find our scores defined below:

  • 10 – Amazing
  • 9 – Awesome
  • 8 – Great
  • 7 – Good
  • 6 – Not Bad
  • 5 – Mediocre
  • 4 – Poor
  • 3 – Bad
  • 2 – Terrible
  • 1 – Awful