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Diablo III weekend giveaway

Update: The giveaway is now over. The winner has been notified.Thanks everyone for entering. Keep a eye open for the next giveaway and make sure to read our review. We do have three more guest passes. Just leave a comment on the review and we’ll send them later tonight (first come, first serve basis).

Diablo III is slowly consuming our lives and it has instructed us to go out and buy a copy to giveaway, so we did. We haveone copy of the Diablo III standard edition to giveaway.

There are multiple ways to enter, so if you enter all of them, you have a better chance at winning! Giveaway is for North American residents only. Simply do one or all of the following:

The Winner will receive a private message through the application they won it on, Facebook, Twitter or using the email address used for their account on the site. Please note to win on twitter you must follow @SelectButtoncom. Giveaway officially ends on Tuesday May 29, 2012 at 9am EDT.

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  1. DontJudgeMyADD  /  May 25, 2012,

    GOTY for sure. Hope I win, thanks for the chance!

  2. pbl  /  May 25, 2012,

    I <3 SB

  3. Gxgear  /  May 25, 2012,

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    FB: Jack Miao

  4. Hestar69  /  May 25, 2012,

    tyvm for this amazing chance!

  5. fellmc2  /  May 25, 2012,

    I would kill for a copy of Diablo 3. Count me in!

  6. Marcus Jones  /  May 25, 2012,

    Good luck everybody!

  7. oasis789  /  May 25, 2012,

    Thanks for the chance! @oasis789

  8. fifax  /  May 25, 2012,

    Thank you and wish me luck

  9. omegadoom13  /  May 25, 2012,

    Thank you so very much! GL everyone!

  10. Nemesis  /  May 26, 2012,

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  11.  /  May 26, 2012,

    Thanks for the chance to go around my wife to get D3 without paying for it… now I can ignore her for video games and not get scolded for spending $60.

  12. mstaton  /  May 26, 2012,

    Thank you! Would LOVE to be able to play Diablo III. Played the others!

  13. kujen  /  May 26, 2012,

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. Kevin Mitchell  /  May 27, 2012,

    2 more days to enter!

    • MasterMasar  /  May 27, 2012,

      Seems like we’re getting tons of responses from this online giveaway

  15. Deadeye  /  May 28, 2012,

    I need another excuse to procrastinate doing my school work… Diablo would be perfect ;)

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