Twister Mania Review

Marcus Jones on November 1, 2011

Majesco (and developer Naked Sky Entertainment) took the classic game of Twister and brought it to the 360 with their recent release of Twister Mania, a Kinect-required game. Now while I have played Fruit Ninja and Gunstringer, this is my first, full-fledged experience with a Kinect game that requires copious amounts of movement and jumping around the room. I have previously (and personally) balked at the thought of a game requiring me to literally jump around the room and was not fully expecting what this game had in store for me.

That being said – I had a blast. It’s a fairly simple game to understand and play, and very easy to jump into (literally). There is either a solo mode or a cooperative mode to pick from. Cooperative allows you and friends, in teams of 2 with 8 people total, to play through the game on a competitive level and have a blast in the process. I spent most of my time on this mode and found it to be quite a party, though some of the game modes blended into one another after a period. Out of this gameplay, the one that essentially was Twister Mania’s version of Hole in the Wall was the most fun, as was the opposite version of that where you actually had to knock down everything you could instead of dodging.

It’s a fun party game for what it is. There are single player modes as well, but they are nowhere near what the multiplayer offers. The 2 other modes aside from the multiplayer are a campaign type mode for the person who wants to dive in for extended periods and even a quick play that allows anyone to just play a random game type. Everything is controlled via the Kinect – no controller use here! The singleplayer campaign is an extremely long affair – I partook only of a bit and while it’s fun, I feel like after 50 or so of the challenges I might get a little bored.

Simply Put

Speaking of getting bored – the game is fantastic, but as with every party game it has its limitations on the fun department. It’s like playing Mario Party: you’ll get through a few rounds, but after a while everyone is sick and tired of trying to knock each other out of the running. Twister Mania is no different – after an extended period I found myself getting tired of playing the same games over and over with a new coat of paint.

Note: The Twister Mania review was written based on the Xbox 360 version of the game provided by the publisher.

Twister Mania

Twister Mania 6
Fun and different take on Twister
Great multiplayer game with friends
A little repetitive at times
Need a LOT of room to play