Tiny Troopers Review

Kevin Mitchell on September 25, 2012

Tiny Troopers carries arguably the most important principal of videogames – having fun. Controlling a squad of tiny soldiers resembling vinyl figures more than anything else, you shoot your way through 30 simple and short missions. With the majority of them being straight forward, there is still the fun element attached to it. The feel of the game stays on the lighter side due in a big part to the charm that the characters give off – even when enemy soldiers lay dying in their own pools of blood.

Missions start with your squad being dropped off with objectives already provided to you. The missions become more complex as you progress, but the beginning ones could be considered a prolonged tutorial due to the simplicity of them. Controlling your soldiers is as simple as pointing and clicking where you want them to go as well as shoot. Add the occasional use of Ctrl to throw grenades or use bazookas to take out enemy buildings. Take advantage of the grenades, as your little soldier can launch them with precision across the entire screen.

Action can get hectic as you are clicking to move your characters away from incoming fire while shooting at soldiers at the same time. I found my squad standing still more often than not during firefights – which is a clear fire way to get them killed on higher difficulties. Command points act as a currency to purchase upgrades as well as specialized soldiers such as a grenadier. Killing enemies and collecting dog-tags that are littered across each mission are the best ways to earn CP. Medals on the other hand are much rarer and will provide permanent upgrades to your troops. Each trooper acts as an individual with death being permanent. You may have upgraded two of your original soldiers, but one mistake on a later mission and all of that can be wiped out.

As it stands today, Tiny Troopers does not support all of the features that Steam offers, such as the Steam Cloud. The latest patch for the iOS version has added a survival horde zombie mode – undead chickens included. The mobile version has more content and still only costs $0.99, while you will be paying $10 to play Tiny Troopers on your PC. I wouldn’t rule out that zombie mode won’t come out for the Steam version, as Kukouri has already patched in “WASD” controls upon request. Is the extra $9 worth it if you own a iOS device? Probably not, but it is still a fun little title to play on occasion, even if it is well overpriced.

Simply Put

Tiny Troopers makes no attempt to hide that it started as an iOS title. The minimalist graphics aren’t anything to write home about, but the simplistic silly style still works on the PC. The missions are short and lasting only a minute or two at the most, but now that you aren’t on a handheld device and sitting in a single place, it doesn’t translate well into a long gaming session. I found myself doing a few missions at a time when switching between games or just want a lighthearted gaming session.

Note: The Tiny Troopers review was written based on the PC version of the game provided by the publisher.

Tiny Troopers

Tiny Troopers 6
Tossing grenades across the screen like Eli Manning
Special units act as unlockables to encourage replayability
Losing points for killing chickens
Mobile games don’t necessarily translate into great PC experiences