The Walking Dead: Episode 3 Long Road Ahead Review

Kevin Mitchell on September 24, 2012

Just barely surviving the cannibalistic nature of the two brothers at the dairy farm and the zombie infestation at Hershel’s Farm, our would-be hero Lee is finding it harder each day to continuously keep everyone the group together. The tough decisions are only getting tougher and with dire consequences. The food that was pillaged at the end of Episode 2 is running low, alliances are being forged and certain members are being turned on. The fear from the undead returns heavily in Long Road Ahead as the tension reaches a boiling point – and then boils over spectacularly.

Hanging on to dear life and running low on supplies, our ragtag group is once again under attack from the outside as well from within. I knew it was only a matter of time before the constant fighting would lead to the disintegration between the group members. The great story that Telltale has been crafting since the first episode has hit an all-time high point inLong Road Ahead through the entire three hour adventure. I won’t get into specifics to avoid spoilers of course, but if you are familiar with the comics you know anything can happen – and no one is safe.

After spending three full episodes with the group, I feel completely connected to the characters to the point where decisions don’t just affect actions in-game, but if someone says something nasty to Lee, I will actually feel offended. I’ve already laid the track roads down on the type of character I want Lee to be, but the decisions are getting harder. I’ve learned survival doesn’t always mean choosing the right choices and my jaw literally hit the floor during some of the cutscenes in this episode.

Your decisions of course will entirely depend on your attachment to the other characters. As documented in the previous reviews, I am doing everything I can to get Kenny killed. I know it is a morbid thought, but if someone has to die, it should be him. Immediately after completing the episode, I found myself wanting to go right back in and see what would happen if I change my decisions. And you know what? It’s Telltale’s fault, how dare them create such an engrossing tale.

After a rather zombie-lite Episode 2, Episode 3 doesn’t disappoint with plenty of intense encounters. The low points in the episode comes from action sequences that don’t fit well with the game. One close to the start of the episode in particular forced me to restart at least five times. It’s not overly difficult, but the a tad awkward to control and this style of action is not something I would expect to find in a Telltale adventure game.

Simply Put

What is essentially the middle chapter of the five part series, Long Road Ahead turns into the best episode yet. While the first two episodes kept building up to a big event, this oneis the big event. With some characters saying their goodbyes and relationships being formed or ripped apart depending on your choices, I can’t wait to see what Telltale has ready for the group. With some new characters that show up at the end of the adventure, I’m curious to see how they fit into the story.

Note: The Walking Dead: Episode 3 Long Road Ahead review was written based on the PS3 version of the game provided by the publisher.

The Walking Dead: The Game

The Walking Dead: Episode 3 Long Road Ahead 9.5
The jaw dropping cutscenes and plot twists
Adding new characters and seeing how they will fit in the overarching story
Action scenes that required us to restart repeatedly
One big plot point that happens no matter what choice you make