Mike de Leon on October 17, 2016

​SuperHyperCube Review

With your perspective set, SuperHyperCube’s brilliance comes the further along you advance through the arcade-like puzzles. There are no alternate game modes, but you won’t care as you are always chasing leaderboards to compete with your friends. The use of 3D space, geometric shapes, and color help produce a surreal like environment. I should mention that you’ll be moving your head around quite a bit in this game, putting a lot of strain on your neck.

The premise is simple, using a set perspective you look around the shape in front of you as it continually falls to the predetermined opening at the bottom. As your view is directly above the falling form, you must look/lean around the shape to ensure you rotate it correctly. The first few of puzzles are a cakewalk as you only have to contend with a handful of combined cubes to form a rudimentary shape. As you complete each one, more and more cubes attach, forming a bigger and more complex shape.

Viewing the game being played on the Social Screen, I just don’t see how this game would work without the use of a 3D environment. Sure, you can alter the gameplay slightly to work on a flat screen, but the sensation of viewing the game in a 3D space is just too rewarding. When you have to contend with a shape consisting of dozens of cubes, the action really picks up. Not only is your window to rotate and twist it correctly gets shorter, but you’ll start to panic when you have to look at all angles of the shape to be sure that you have it turned properly.

Developer kokoromi has included boss battles that will add a slight twist to the SuperHyperCube formula; literally. Every few seconds the target gap will rotate, requiring you to act hastily to adjust the shape to make it fit. There are additional power-ups that can save you when you are in a tight spot, such as freezing time, or smashing through a wall. Both are welcome and have saved me more times than I will admit.

Simply Put

SuperHyperCube is simplistic, yet it’s brilliance shines the higher your score becomes. The difficulty ramps up, the use of your power-ups are paramount and the pacing is much faster. There is only the single game mode, so what you’ll get out of the game is based on if you are interested in chasing the high scores on the leaderboards. We are currently having a team competition at SelectButton, and things cane become quite heated.

Note: The review for SuperHyperCube is based on a digital PlayStation VR copy of the game, provided by the publisher.


​SuperHyperCube 8
Simplistic gameplay premise
Great use of 3D space
No additional game modes