Skydrift: Extreme Fighters Pack Review

Kevin Mitchell on September 21, 2011

Building on the great aerial combat game released a few months ago, Digital Reality has expanded the amount of planes by releasing three new and unique weapons of destruction. Take control of three of the most powerful and deadliest planes including the Vanguard, the Sparrow XI and the Tri-wing Vintage plane (can you say Red Baron?).

These can be used during single-payer races or during multiplayer challenges in any of the game modes. Each one has varying stats, and each has a special prominent stat. Unlike the planes included in the original game, these three already have all 5 of their skins unlocked from the start.

Simply Put

For the price of a small coffee, this downloadable content adds some of the coolest planes we have ever had the privilege of flying in a aerial racer.

Note: The Skydrift: Extreme Fighters Pack review was written based on the PS3 version of the game provided by the publisher.​

Skydrift: Extreme Fighters Pack 8
The more planes the better
Playing as the Red Baron
Doesn't fix the broken online system
Not priced at $1