Rumble Trucks Review

Marcus Jones on November 15, 2011

The PS3 minis are designed to be quick and easy games, perfect for people who want something they can dive into for a few minutes and then leave without much involvement into the overall game. These are interesting little games, but sometimes in these small packages come poor quality and even poorer gameplay. Rumble Trucks, a side-scrolling “racer” PS3 mini, falls under the “terrible category,” complete with minimal information on what is required of you and even less information on what’s the point of the game itself.

The game is, like I mentioned, a side-scrolling game that falls under the “racer” category for the sole reason of the player drives little “rumble trucks” across the map . There are 9 total trucks to pick from, while in reality after the first set of three the rest are re-colored and re-tooled to be better than the originals. The player must unlock them through gameplay, either by completing a track in under the par time or by collecting all 20 of the stars scattered about. This is also how you unlock the next set of levels as well. There are total of 3 zones that I’ve seen, and each has 8 tracks a piece for a whopping 24 nearly identical levels. These levels consist of ramps, jumps, and random obstacles that must be overcome along with the aforementioned stars to be gathered. These tracks offer no real challenge – just get from point A to point B as fast as you can and you’re set. Topping this off are stunts a player can perform, consisting mostly of long jumps and wheelie type moves. It’s spectacular.

I went into this game not knowing the controls. After playing it, I’m still not sure about the controls. I’d recommend checking them, but there is no mention of it within the options menus, so I can’t really say look there. The game just plops you in and expect you to be ready to go within the first 2 seconds. Sadly those first 2 seconds are spent trying to figure out what the hell to do. I found the graphics basic, but that’s to be expected for a mini game. It’s also to be expected for a flash game, but I’ve seen flash games look a hell of a lot better and more enticing as well so who knows. The music is loud and blaring and not anything you’d find on one of my personal playlists.

Simply Put

This game is a matter of trial and error; I tried it and found it in error. Honestly this game just wasn’t fun, even for something this simple. I would rather play flash games, especially since I’ve played a few that are much better than this. PS3 minis should at least have some quality to them if anyone is expected to take them seriously.

Note: The Rumble Trucks review was written based on the PS3 version of the game.

Rumble Trucks

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Cool if you absolutely love Hotwheels
Mostly everything