Kevin Mitchell on August 17, 2016

​Move or Die Review

If all the information you know regarding a game is its title, Move or Die is sufficient enough to divulge the name of the game and the key gameplay mechanic. Move or die. The act of playing games with your friends or family in the same room has become a rarity with the popularity of online gaming. Even rarer are games that contain both a complete local and online multiplayer experience. Only available on PC, Move or Die aims to ruin friendships, but along the way, you’ll spend most the time laughing together, and more than likely sharing an obscenity or two.

Players take on the role of highly stylized, and colorful characters, although you quickly earn some interesting characters as you level up. In fact, if you want even more characters or modes, Move or Die has full Steam Workshop support. I’ve seen everything from a Stormtrooper to the Predator stylized as cutesy blobs on Workshop. Modes are currently lacking, but there are a few gems that are worth to download. It should be said that mods currently do not work online. If you don’t want to wait to unlock characters or new modes, the most recent update added Market support. Item rarity seems to be determining the value, but you can find some pretty cheap ones for less than a nickel. Those Awesome Guys has been adding so much content to the game, and you never know what you will unlock, especially since you won’t know what you will get until you break open the crate after leveling. The fast-paced nature of each of the mini-games works to the game’s advantage. I’ve gotten the staff here at SelectButton to play the game locally and online, along with some friends and family members that don’t play games often to enjoy the experience thoroughly.

The concept of the game is rather simple, keep your character moving to regenerate your health; otherwise you die. Jumping doesn’t count as moving, so you have to ensure you keep your tiny feet running across a platform. Goals are varied across each of the different game modes, and you’ll unlock additional game modes the more you play. Whether you are coloring the most tiles in a set time, dodging falling blocks, or fighting each other with chainsaws, you must keep your feet moving and outlast your opponents. The game cycles through player selected game modes randomly. The more a single game mode is selected, the higher chance you’ll be playing it more often. Bomb tag has become a favorite at SelectButton and is always the most picked game mode in every match.

Even if you play the same game mode multiple times, the layout of each stage will vary. Not to mention, Mutators will alter your approach to each mini-game. These need to be unlocked as well, but will drive your friends crazy. They last for only a set amount of turns before the randomly chosen player must select a new one. Some of my favorites turn off the lights, allow for double jumping or constantly swapping character skins. For those who don’t enjoy the randomness nature of it, Mutators can be turned off.

Simply Put

It’s clear that Those Awesome Guys has no intention of slowing down with the constant updates to Move or Die. Since initially playing the game back in June, so much content and features has been added to the game. If you are playing online, you can now chat with your fellow competitors and even annoy the hell out of them with emotes. As I’ve mentioned the latest patch added Steam Market and with it a constant flow of new characters and game modes. While Steam Marketplaces mods won’t work online, Move or Die is an unbelievable local multiplayer party game.

Note: The Move or Die review is based on a digital PC copy of the game, provided by the publisher.

Move or Die

​Move or Die 8
Colorful and stylish
Fast-paced gameplay
Frequent updates
Mods can’t be used online
Experience can only be earned online