MotorStorm RC Review

Kevin Mitchell on April 13, 2012

Growing up playing the Nintendo Entertainment System, I’ve played games just about every day of my life. One of the titles I played when I was a just a little kid was RC Pro Am Racing. Playing with RC cars and trucks as a kid was so much fun, but playing with RC cars in a video game was surprisingly just as fun. Unlike the previous MotorStorm titles, MotorStorm RC plays nothing like the others, but, instead plays more like an old fashion top-down racer from the NES era than any current racer today.

Instead of racing supped up explosive cars, you handle radio-controlled cars in tiny tracks that last only a few minutes. All of the tracks are broken into the four main areas we have seen from the previous MotorStorm games — Monument Valley, Pacific Rift, Arctic Edge and Apocalypse. Each of the tracks take on the theme from each of the games so expect to see lush tropical settings in Pacific Rift, and frozen ice lands for Arctic Edge. The tracks have a small time feel to them, which is a big difference between the other titles, but when you are dealing with RC cars it only makes sense.

Unless you are playing local multiplayer (which is only available on the PSN version), there is no direct competition, you are going to be racing against computer controlled cars and the clock. Besides the standard races, there are also Ghost Racing (shadows of yourself), Pursuit has you racing a set number of cars, and Drift which has you gaining points in style as you slide around the tracks. There are a total of 3 medals that can be earned in each of the 48 challenges. The more medals earned, the more challenges and cars that will be unlocked.

While you won’t be playing against your friends online, you will though be competing with them on the best use of leaderboards in a game yet. The leaderboards are seamlessly integrated into the game, and it is very easy to see exactly where you stand against your friends or anyone else in the world; times are instantly updated to let you see where you stand on your latest times. The leaderboards are shared between both the PS3 and the Vita, so if you have both versions, you can easily pickup where you left off.

Visually, the game looks better on the Vita than it does blown up on a high def. TV. While it isn’t a showcase game, the tracks themselves fair better than the car models themselves. At certain points there is a slight noticeable slow down, especially if all the cars come together in a pile up.

The controls are very customizable and allow you to map of the actions to any of the buttons. I found that I enjoyed using the face buttons on the Vita and the shoulder buttons on the PS3. For turning there are two options available, using either up and down or left and right. I prefer to use the left and right for turning, but everyone has their own preference.

Handling is a dream in the game with sharp turns a breeze to make. There is just enough difficulty to it that the challenges get progressively harder as you complete them. Unlike the previous MotorStorm games, driving off-road is not the best way to get around as the loss of traction can set you back. Staying on track, for those that have a set course, is the best approach, which may mean to use that brake and not stay slammed on the gas the entire race. The game does have a reset button to allow you to reset your car on the track. This comes in handy if you misjudge a turn and slam into an object that will send you flipping out of control. From dune buggies to racing trucks, MotorStorm RC has plenty of different types of cars to use on the different courses.

Simply Put

What it comes down to is, MotorStorm RC is addicting to play. Seeing your times instantly compared to your friends on every challenge as well as the world is the star of the show. Whether you are playing on the Vita or the PS3, MotorStorm RC is a cheap, hell it’s still FREE in North American for the Vita, and with fun and addicting multiplayer game with minute long races that are a blast to play.

Note: The MotorStorm RC review was written based on the Vita version of the game. The PS3 version was used for multiplayer testing.

MotorStorm RC

MotorStorm RC 8.5
Live leaderboards
Over 40 different challenges to compete in
Necessary to use the furthest out camera to see all the action
No online multiplayer makes me a sad panda