Mike de Leon on October 13, 2018

Fishing Sim World Review

Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.Henry David Thoreau

Dovetails Games' Fishing Sim World knew that the sport of fishing is much more than just the fish. The location, the anticipation, and the tools required are necessary ingredients for crafting an everlasting fishing adventure. Even though the game had some coarse angling situations, it was able to provide the essential elements to have a satisfactory experience due to the fair number of fish species and the diversity of maps.

Geography plays a prominent part in determining the species of fish pursued by would-be anglers. In North America, the most popular fish is bass, which in the game is located across two massive maps located in Florida and Colorado respectfully. The European region is also well represented with five medium-sized maps, featuring a considerable number of species including carp, pike, catfish, tench, rudd, roach, and European perch. You can even choose the time of day and the weather (if you don't want to keep dynamic weather turned on), giving you the option of a crisp Summer evening or a torrential downpour during the sunrise. Considering the size of the maps, traveling across the vast lakes and rivers can take quite some time depending upon the boat.

The equipment used usually determines the type and size of your catch. In the beginning, players have three tackle boxes each one geared towards a specific type of fish. Within each tackle box, you'll find three rods, each with a reel, line, bait/lure, and hook. You are given the option of using the shoulder buttons for casting, and adjusting the power (how far you cast), but you can also use the right stick in combination with the shoulder buttons for a more authentic experience. By default, a rod comes with preset parts, but they are fully customizable depending upon the type of fish you want to take home for dinner. The parts can be purchased in-game using points you earn by catching fish. You'll be delighted to know that the equipment doesn't deteriorate, meaning you never need to untangle spools of line or replace your bait.

Adjusting the tension of the line is necessary to tire out the fish. It is often exhilarating but also feels rudimentary and almost comical in the game. Usually, these battles require patience (and time) and do not rely solely on pulling on the reel and doing some slight movements with the rod. There are times when the fish does put up a fight, but during this occasions, the fish would never show any fatigue, and it would either break the line or just get pulled towards the player.

Simply Put

Overall if you are looking for more in-depth fishing, then you might need to look elsewhere. Dovetails Games' Fishing Sim World came up short in creating that tense reeling experience, but it scores points with its variety of maps and beautifully rendered locales. The predefined equipment makes it easy for new players to start fishing without learning any of the smaller details that fishing entails at a more advanced level. There is an online multiplayer mode, letting you fish freely in a relaxing setting or set a goal, such as seeing who can land the biggest catch.

Note: ​​Fishing Sim World was reviewed based on a digital PlayStation 4 copy of the game, provided by the publisher.

Fishing Sim World

Fishing Sim World 6
Wide open environments
A generous number of different species to catch
The user interface almost requires you to watch the tutorials before playing
Boats seem to crawl through the water