Joan Mitchell on November 2, 2014

Fibbage Review

The team behind the You Don’t Know Jack series, Jackbox Games (formerly Jellyvision Games), has returned to consoles after releasing their most recent titles on mobile platforms. Many games have claimed to be the ultimate party game and while Rock Band has certainly fit the bill in the past, Fibbage is the only party game that both casual and non-gamers can enjoy simultaneously.

The concept for Fibbage feels similar to various board/card games that you can find in your local department store. As the host of the virtual party reads off a question or statement, it is your job to type in a lie to try and fool the other players. After everyone types in their answer, the game will mix up everyones lies and the correct answer. You’ll have a limited amount of time to pick the correct answer from all of the possible choices. Points are given out to those that pick the correct answer, but also to anyone who fools the other players with a lie. 

Being accessible is the key to a great party game, and no one knows that better than Jackbox Games. Instead of limiting the amount of players to controllers, all players will access the game using a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Once the game begins, every player will enter in a special room code on the Fibbage website and choose a name. Although the game was designed with local couch co-op in mind, the room code can be shared with those not in the same room. The experience is diminished for those not in the room however.

Fibbage supports up to eight players and if you have a full match, you’ll have a better time with the game. Only having a couple of players makes it much easier to guess the correct answer. When you have eight players, you will have to choose from nine possible answers. If you happen to know your friend’s personality well, having more players would mask their lie easier than if there were only a couple of choices.

Since you’ll be accessing the game through your mobile device, there is the rare chance of connectivity issues. While I never had any issues in any of the games I played, some of my friends had issues staying connected. Once disconnected they also had difficulty reconnecting and had to sit out the rest of the game. The game doesn’t remove the dropped players from the game, so you’ll have to wait till the time expires for the remaining questions.

Simply Put

Fibbage has been a popular addition to our family gatherings, allowing for everyone with a mobile device to join. Even with hundreds of questions, playing multiple games with the same group of players will eventually yield duplicate questions. The game only costs $6.99, but once you have gone through all of the questions, the enjoyment from the game is removed.

Note: The Fibbage review was written based on a digital PS4 version of the game.


Fibbage 8
Best party game in years
Up to eight player support through the use mobile devices and tablets
Connectivity issues
Magic is lost once you go through all the questions