Kevin Mitchell on October 30, 2018

​Drunkn Bar Fight on Halloween Review

Although it is available for owners of Drunkn Bar Fight, The Munky has seen fit to release the add-on Halloween level as a separate paid product for those looking for a quick and easy VR experience for the upcoming holiday. It features a single bar/level but has removed all aspects of online, cross-platform multiplayer. While you use objects typically found in a bar when battling against drunkards in the base game, this bar comes equipped with numerous new weapons, and firearms to deal with the horde of the undead.

As a party game with a ridiculous premise, Drunkn Bar Fight revels in its need of a fun, interactive gameplay loop. Everything from bottles, darts and stools can become weapons, but honestly, you’ll be failing your arms wildly to throw haymakers. Punching a zombie in the face will knock them down, but it's only a temporary affliction. You are going to grab a real weapon, namely a baseball bat or a firearm and knock their head clear off, complete with blood spatters. It is strangely satisfying to see the undead lumber around the bar with darts sticking out of their face. Eventually, the numbers will be against you, and you’ll get knocked down for good, just like in the base game.

Simply Put

Drunkn Bar Fight on Halloween aims to provide those looking for a quick and easy VR experience to share with friends and family during Halloween. It is a very streamlined version of the game, featuring only the one level and populates it with hordes of the undead. The inclusion of firearms and new weapons is appreciated, but once you get your fill, there isn’t much else to do. It’s a decent addition to the full game, but the trimmed down stand-alone experience is lacking

Note: ​​​​​​​Drunkn Bar Fight on Halloween was reviewed based on a digital Oculus Rift copy of the game, provided by the publisher.

​Drunkn Bar Fight on Halloween

​Drunkn Bar Fight on Halloween 5
Who knew that fighting zombies in a bar would be fun?
New weapons and objects
Very shallow way to experience Drunkn Bar Fight
Multiplayer removed