Yoku's Island Express Hands-On Impressions - E3 2017

During E3 2017, I played a unique platformer called Yoku's Island Express. It combined open-world exploration with pinball mechanics. Safe to say, it was one of only a handful of games that I wanted to play more after my scheduled appointment came to an end. It was challenging, engaging, and most importantly fun.

The hero of Yoku's Island Express is a Dung Beetle called Yoku. He finds himself on the tropical paradise island of Mokumana, to relieve the resident postmaster of his duties. Getting around requires Yoku to traverses through high-speed tunnels triggered by pinball-flippers scattered throughout the map.

The game requires skills, to get those necessary shots to reach the correct tunnel to progress through the game. Death is nonexistent, but players lose fruits that they have collected when Yoku gets hit. The developers mentioned that they are hoping for five to eight hours of gameplay in the final release.

Yoku's Island Express will be released for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in 2018.