Supreme League of Patriots Preview

If you are a big fan of satirical shows such as Family Guy and South Park, then you should keep the upcoming Supreme League of Patriots on your radar. Supreme League of Patriots is a hilarious superhero game that puts you in the shoes of Kyle Keever, and his obnoxious alter ego known as the Purple Patriot.

The game is set in New York City, and the mission is to rid the city of both vigilantes and villains. What would a superhero be without a sidekick, so Kyle's best friend, Mel, tags along and offers sarcastic advice to Kyle. As a brand new superhero, you are a little wet behind the ears.

A collaboration by Phoenix Online Publishing and No Bull Intentions, this fully voiced superhero game will be released on January 29th on Steam and the Phoenix Online store. The game will be broken up into three different episodes, all of which will be available on release date. It will also come with the original soundtrack and two different playable characters.

Supreme League of Patriots