Moonlighter Hands-On Impressions - E3 2017

Moonlighter tasks players with living a dual-life, shopkeeper during the day, and adventurer/dungeon crawler during the night. During E3 2017, I went hands-on with the game, experiencing both elements to the game. The game’s visuals certainly takes inspiration from the classic Legend of Zelda franchise, complete with a top-down view with each room filling the screen. The different dungeons are randomly generated, so the game feels fresh, every time you venture into the same location. New dungeons unlock as your defeat bosses. If you die during your current run, you’ll lose everything you collected. If you find yourself low on health, you can opt to leave the dungeon at any point. Once you return to town, you can play the role of a shopkeeper.

Depending on the loot you find, you can set the prices and sell the items that you have picked up. If the item is overpriced, your customers will leave empty-handed. At times, another adventurer will request a special item. If you can deliver the correct item within a set amount of time, you’ll be handsomely rewarded. The choice then becomes if you sell a particular item or use it for your own necessity.

The town you live in is full of various vendors and crafters. They will assist in your journey, but you must ensure you don’t sell all of your items, as you will need them to advance your gear and weapons further.

From what I saw, the dungeon portion of the game ramps up in difficulty, and I was unable to complete the first dungeon. Moonlighter had a very successful Kickstarter and will release later this year on PC.