Mars: War Logs Diary Entry

So there I was, having a drink of precious water on Mars, when crashing into the cafetaria was one of those blind open mouthed creature with teeth that could open up a barrel of beans with a single bite. Thinking to myself, “That’s just great, I guess my attempt to celebrate the century since the catastrophe that turned this arid rock into…well an even more arid rock was pointless.” It’s hard enough that we are constantly fighting with other companies for the control of the small water supply.

At least I have our military training to look forward to in two days, allowing me to learn dozens of new skills. I’m sure these will come in handy when I’m fighting for my life against another one of those creatures. Frankie sold some new parts that I am hoping to bring to the engineering wing tonight to use in crafting some new equipment. As long as everything goes as planned, I might be able to persuade Jane to come over tomorrow. I’m concerned for her, and the the fate of all the colonies on Mars.

— Roy Temperance

Mars: War Logs