Kingdom Come: Deliverance Preview - A Knight's Tale

Warhorse Studios was at E3 2016 presenting their upcoming game, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, a massive RPG set in medieval Bohemia (current day Czech Republic). The old king is dead, and the only heir is too weak to protect the kingdom. The new king’s brother begins to pillage his lands and in the process, kills the family of the protagonist. One of the primary goals of the game is to immerse players in the 15th century, from the visual style of the buildings to the era specific conversations between characters.

During this period reputation was everything, so the developers wanted an experience where the players have to think about the choices they make and how the perception of your character is affected. One of the ways that this component of the game is engaged is through the maintenance of the armor worn by the player. If blood and the spoils of battle are clearly visible on your armor, then townsfolk may react poorly to your appearance.

During the presentation, we were told that in Kingdom Come: Deliverance there will be different ways to complete missions. You may choose to be a stealthy individual to sneak into places in the dead of night, or you could kill anyone that stands in your way. It’s one way to solve any problems that come your way, but it will also have an adverse impact on your reputation unless you want towns to cower at your name.

A medieval RPG would not be complete without combat, and in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you need to be smart when deciding what type of armor to equip. Depending on the kind of mission, you want to ensure you have the correct gear. Running with a full set of plate armor may not be the best choice if you are trying to stay unseen. Different weapon types may have an advantage against certain armor sets. For example, heavy maces can pierce through plate armor, while swords may have a tougher time. Both weapons and armor can be damaged, and you must seek out a blacksmith to repair armor, but players can maintain the sharpness of their own weapons. At the same time, exposing your body could mean a quick death. Missing sections of armor means the impact from a sword could have a devastating effect. You don’t need a left arm, right?

Tournaments are a major component of the game, although you could use the distraction to loot a spectator's house, or assassinate someone away from the prying eyes of the public. During these type of events, players can earn money and reputation by entering the different contests that are held, such as archery, on-foot combat, and jousting.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance wants players to be interested in history. The developers have hired historians and have traveled to on-site locations to help them accurately reconstruct structures in the game. They want to encourage players to investigate the most famous names and events mentioned in the game. Experience for your own eyes what it was like to live in 1403 when the game releases sometime in 2017.