Fire Preview

Our lovable Stone Age caveman Ungh is back, and this time he is doing a lot more than the crazy rain dance we saw him do back at E3. Going hands-on an updated build at GDC 2015 in San Francisco, Ungh is on a trip to see strange new worlds...well the same world, but he'll be traveling through time.

Kevin Mentz, the game and narrative designer for Fire was on hand to demo the game using a tablet. The first time we saw the game, it was running off a PC build, but the game will be available for Mac as well. The level shown during our appointment featured a contraption in the middle of the screen, which looked very much like it was taking from the classic film The Time Machine. This contraption allowed Ungh to travel between the historical past where single cell amoeba were the only signs of life, our current timeline with cars, ships etc. and beyond.

I found this an interesting concept in the game, as Ungh's actions in the past will play a role in all of the future timelines. This added a level of complexity to solving puzzles, where the player has to be aware that the solution might not only consist of "where" and item might be, but also "when".

I am excited about Fire; it has a lot of hilarious sequences that is a welcome relief from all the stressful games on the market. This casual point-and-click puzzle game will be released on April 9th, 2015 for the PC and Mac.