​Deliver Us The Moon - PAX East 2017

Deliver Us The Moon started as a Kickstarter project by Keoken Interactive and was shown to fans at PAX East 2016 and at E3 2016. I’ve already spoken at great lengths about how I thoroughly enjoyed talking to the developers that were at the show and listening to their vision for the game, and how humbled they were to be inside the Microsoft [email protected] booth. It looks like I wasn’t the only one impressed, as they have partnered with publisher Starbreeze Studios, allowing KeokeN to expand their team with new designers, artists, and, engineers.

The first time I went hands-on with the game, I found myself alone on an abandoned space station orbiting the Moon. After exploring the empty lifeless corridors and activating the right levers, my journey came to an end, right before I made my journey to the lunar surface. The PAX East 2017 demo takes place later on in the game, as you explore a small slice of one of the bases located on the surface. The goal of the experience was to realign a satellite dish by finding your way to the lunar rover, and figuring out how to open the bay doors to drop the four wheeled vehicle onto the surface below. Along the way, you’ll learn more about the narrative and what happened to those that used to call that place home through audio logs. There were a couple hidden easter eggs as well, but I’ll keep them a secret.

With the support of Starbreeze Studios, Deliver Us The Moon seems like it will be a solid title once it finally releases. I am highly looking forward to exploring the remains of these lunar bases and learning more about the journey that has taken our astronaut to the Moon.Animations have been spruced up, and I’ve noticed much more small details that sci-fi fans can appreciate in my time exploring the corridors of the lunar base.

Deliver Us The Moon