Dead by Daylight - PAX East 2017

While not the first game built around asymmetrical multiplayer, Dead by Daylight took the streaming community by storm when it released last year. At the time, the game featured unique monsters, attempting to terrorize and kill the four survivors trying to escape. At PAX East 2017, developer Behaviour Interactive was showing off the latest updates for the PC game, adding iconic Left 4 Dead character William “Bill” Overbeck to the game, as well as letting fans to go hands-on with the PlayStation 4 version of the game. While the game will also come to the Xbox One, there isn’t a solid release date for the upcoming console versions, but once released, all versions of the game will be updated simultaneously.

The latest update for Dead by Daylight, The Left Behind, adds a new playable survivor in the way of Bill from Left 4 Dead, he isn’t the first licensed character to be included in the game. Included in the Halloween downloadable content, which added a new survivor and map, also featured infamous killer Michael Myers from the Halloween movie series. When asked if all of the released content will be available on consoles, we weren’t given a definite response. Currently, it looks like there may be complications when it comes to licensed characters, but Behaviour Interactive is trying to do everything they can to ensure content parity across all platforms.

The first time we saw the game, Dead by Daylight was freshly launched. Since then, the game has expanded dramatically in regards to content and bug fixing. The PlayStation 4 build seemed quite polished, and natural moving from keyboard and mouse controls to the DualShock 4. As a third-person title, using a controller doesn’t alter the gameplay, and by the time I finished playing a single round, I now prefer to play the game with a controller.

Dead by Daylight isn’t the only horror based asymmetrical title in the market, but bringing the game from the PC to both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is a natural step. As the game has been out for almost a year, Behaviour Interactive has been hard at work, fixing bugs, making tweaks based on community feedback, and adding a ton of content. If they can hold true to the content parity promise, Dead by Daylight will attract a new audience on home consoles.

Dead by Daylight