Anna's Quest Preview

At the recent trade show event in San Francisco, I got to meet up with Tom Kersten, Producer at Daedalic, and checked out the upcoming Anna's Quest. While obviously the game is about a girl named Anna, I learned that she is in search for a cure for her ailing Grandpa. On her adventure she is captured by an evil old witch who has plans on experimenting on her. As a result, she develops telekinetic powers, which aide in her escape from captivity.

The short build that Tom showed, started with Anna figuring out a way to get past an Ogre blocking her path. After some careful observation she soon realized that she had to create a concoction of sorts to give to the Ogre. With the goal in mind, she backtracks through a really twisted looking world filled with goblins, bears in cages and torture equipment to find the right items to use.

One of the items that she had to collect was a jar honey, which luckily was found in the massive paws of a caged bear. After pulling some levers to line the caged bear family, Anna is able to obtain her sweet honey jar. Showing off her telekinetic powers, Anna lifted an axe out of the reach of an Executioner who was about to chop off an old man's head.

The game is presented in the classical point-and-click adventure style, but adding the telekinetic powers offers an extra way to interact with objects. Anna's Quest is set in a haunting world based on Grimms' Fairy Tales and European folklore. The game will be released worldwide Summer 2015 for PC and Mac.

Anna's Quest