Where is our ZombiU review?

With a stack of launch titles on my desk for the Nintendo Wii U, one in particular had me hooked from the moment I saw the first released trailer for it – ZombiU. After playingZombiU at trade shows and events leading up to the launch of the game, I knew this would be a stand out game at launch – as it turns out, it did stand out, but not for the right reasons.

ZombiU has put me in quite a difficult position. A quick Google search finds that a couple users have been reporting issues from constant freezing, saves not loading, and even those who can’t even boot past the intro screen for the game. The solutions range from deleting save files, removing the downloaded patch and even switching the HDMI cable to the one that came with the Wii U (yeah, I don’t understand that last one).

So why haven’t I reviewed the game? It may have to do with the fact I can’t even get the game to load on my Wii U. Is it the game’s fault or maybe there is something wrong with the Wii U and only affects this one game? I am still waiting to hear back from both parties, but since this is the only game that has forced me to pull the power plug out of the Wii U, I have to assume it is the game.

Before you ask in the comments below, the Target it was purchased at doesn’t have any copies left to exchange it for – I’ve tried.

Zombi U