Watch Dogs delayed until Spring 2014

Update: Those that pre-ordered the Watch Dogs PlayStation 4 Bundle can sleep easy tonight, as Amazon announced via Twitter, those who ordered will still get their PS4 on release day, sans the game.

@amazongames Don’t worry if you pre-ordered the Watch Dogs PS4 bundle, you will still be getting your PS4 based on your current delivery estimate.

With exactly one month till the release of the PlayStation 4, Ubisoft has officially delayed the release of their most promising launch title, Watch Dogs until Spring 2014.

The Ubisoft Blog mentions that the team struggled with this decision, but they wanted to have the extra time to polish and fine tune the experience. The delay will affect every version of the game, decreasing the amount of launch titles for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Worse, anyone who was expecting to get a Watch Dogs PS4 or XBONE bundle on launch day for either platforms may be out of luck come November 15 and November 22 respectfully.

Watch Dogs