Total War: ROME II Assembly Kit Beta goes live

Creative Assembly and Sega have released a beta version of the Total War: ROME II Assembly Kit. Using these mod-tools, modders will be able to do just about anything within ROME II with the only limit being their creativity. The download is now available for free in the Tools section of Steam.

The series of tools allows for modders to edit everything from textures, models, animations to campaign-game start positions. Exporting the unit models and animations allows for modders to use their favorite third party software.

As of these Beta release, the Assembly Kit comes with example data and the complete ROME II database backend. Once you finish with a mod, it can be uploaded directly to Steam Workshop, which already features over a 1,000 user-created mods. Creative Assembly plans to expand the mod-tools over time. If you are new to the mod scene, you may want to check out the documentation currently available on the Assembly Kit on the ROME II wiki page:

Total War: Rome II