The War Z Released on Steam

The so-called zombie MMO, The War Z, was released on Steam earlier today for $15, although their are packages that includes in-game currency and items for a higher price point. This release comes after it was already on sale on the official website during both Alpha and Beta stages. Hammerpoint promises a constant stream of updates and new features, so don’t expect the game to be perfect in its current state – because it’s not, trust me.

The War Z has players spawning into a world that will hold up to 100 other players as you gather supplies and survive the zombie apocalypse. Of course it isn’t only the zombies you must worry about, with other survivors that tend to be even more deadly than the walking dead. Upon death, you drop every item your character was carrying, allowing anyone to come in loot your belongings.

Stay tuned for more War Z coverage including live streams and a full review on SelectButton.

The War Z