​The Solus Project heads to Steam Early Access, Xbox One Game Preview

In a joint effort, GRIP and Teotl, have announced the single-player survival game The Solus Project is heading to Steam Early Access and Game Preview on Xbox One in early 2016.

Finding yourself stranded on a hostile alien planet, you must find a way to survive the harsh weather and hidden dangers lurking around every corner. In your attempt to signal your lost home planet and save humanity, you unravel the secrets of an ancient alien civilization.

GRIP Digital’s CEO Jan Cabuk, says they will be taking an episodic approach to the game, releasing additional levels to the alien world with every release. Although the game isn’t planned to be in Early Access or Game Preview for very long, players can expect to see new features, and quests added on a consistent basis.

The Solus Project is currently scheduled for full release by Q2 2016.

The Solus Project