The Muton Returns in XCOM 2

The improved Sectoid won't be the only new threat in XCOM 2 using manipulated genomes through the use of exploiting human DNA. The Muton already uses brute force tactics, but now with the intellect of the human mind, the Muton is deadlier than ever.

The New Muton will always win a staring contest

"But the Muton is still a brute in close combat. Their weapons are equipped with bayonets, and the Mutons won’t hesitate to close in on your soldiers to use them. And the Muton has the ability to Counterattack as well. Every Muton has a chance to ignore melee damage and instantly respond with a melee strike of their own. Rangers should keep this in mind when going in for the kill."

There are several new skills available to the upgraded Muton in XCOM 2, including the use of Suppression. If any of your soldiers fall under suppression, their aim will be greatly reduced, while also providing the Muton a free reaction shot upon movement. The Muton also comes equipped with the Alien Grenade, dealing damage to groups of soldiers that are near each other.