The Long Dark doubles playable area, harvestable plants and more

Although the game is still considered to be in Alpha, and is part of Steam Early Access, developer Hinterland Studio Inc. has released one of the biggest updates to the game in the past few months.

This update marks the 21st patch since the game was made available through Early Access, adding a new region to the game, which doubles the current playable area to nearly 20 kilometers. Pleasant Valley, a rural mountain valley with abandoned farms, caves, and hidden surprises is awaiting those willing to risk the threat of sudden blizzards.

For the first time in the game, players can produce their own first aid items through the use of harvestable plants. To assist in warding off wolves, torches can now be brandished, with the hope of scaring them off before they attack.

The rest of the updates can be seen below in the released infographic released on the Facebook page for the game.

The Long Dark