Table Top Racing coming to PlayStation Vita

The PlayStation Vita will be getting a new micro combat racing game from developer Playrise Digital and publisher Ripstone Table. Releasing on August 5th on the PlayStation Store, Table Top Racing will cost $7.99 and will have discounts for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Originally a mobile game, Table Top Racing has been downloaded over 5 million times across iOS and Android. Playrise Digital promise an AAA title that pushes customization before anything else. The game features a full single-player championship mode, along with quick play and drift events. For those who are only interested in multiplayer, there will be 4-player local and online multiplayer.

Making the PlayStation Vita worth while, the game has been improved visually, doubling the polygon count in the environment, beefy textures and a solid 60 fps. The rear touch pad implementation promises Table Top Racing will control the best on the PS Vita as well.

Nick Burcombe, an ex-Sony Studio Liverpool game designer and co-creator of Wipeout is heading the team at Playrise Digital.

Table Top Racing