Strike Suit Infinity dares you to chase the high score

Never-ending waves of enemies. Online leaderboards. Space ships. Steam.

At this point you are probably drooling at the mouth, ready to click the purchase button. Trust me, you aren’t alone.

A spin-off title in the Strike Suit franchise (Strike Suit Zero released in January), Strike Suit Infinity allows players to fight round after round of progressively more difficult waves of enemies and seek ultimate glory on the online leaderboards.

Getting to the top of the leaderboard won’t be an easy task. Chaining kills together will increase a multiplier, which will decay over time, forcing players to quickly and efficiently defeat any and all enemy ships.

Using the credits earned during rounds, players can purchase reinforcements, ranging from small Interceptors to massive Frigates and Carriers.

Strike Suit Infinity will be available via Steam on April 30 for $6.99.

Strike Suit Infinity