Street Fighter 5 is exclusive to PlayStation 4 and PC

This morning a video briefly appeared on Capcom’s YouTube channel, confirming that the upcoming Street Fighter 5 would be a PlayStation 4 and PC exclusive. At the tail end of the video, the logo for the game appears with a single line underneath proclaiming “exclusively on PS4 and PC.” While the nature of the exclusivity is unknown at this time, I’m hopeful that Capcom will clear up any questions regarding the term “exclusive” and if Xbox One owners can expect to see the game in the near future, or even the inevitable Super Street Fighter V.

The video has been since removed, and it appears that it was set to be live accidentally, as it should be part of first ever Game Awards that begins tonight in Las Vegas along with the PlayStation Experience that starts Saturday.

We have reached out to Capcom for more details regarding the authenticity of the leak. Most companies will not comment on leaks of any type, but we will update the article with any pertinent details.

Source: NeoGAF

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