Streaming gets compact with the Live Gamer Portable

AverMedia has announced a new compact capture device that can fit in the palm of your hand, the Live Gamer Portable. Weighing in at only 107g, Live Gamer Portable is as light as it is small in size. This USB powered device allows games to record and stream HD gameplay for both consoles and PC. The Live Gamer Portable has both HDMI and component inputs, and best of all does, not require a power outlet, as it pulls power through a USB cable. The PC-free mode supports SD card storage, although the video quality for the recordings will have to be decreased. With a single click, gamers can start a recording/streaming, while the LED indicator allows them to make sure everything is working.

Supporting resolutions up to 1080p at 60 FPS when hooked up to a PC for storage, the PC-free mode will only support a resolution of 720p. It’s a bit unclear if it only supports an input up to 720p or if it will only output up to 720p. I’ve reached out to AverMedia and will update the article with any updated information. Both recording methods will generate MP4 files for easy uploading to your favorite sites. The built in H.264 encoder, helps to lighten the load on the CPU, freeing it up to focus on providing a much smoother gaming experience.

Using the RECentral software found in AverMedia’s other popular devices, such as the Live Gamer HD, it is capable of broadcasting to the most popular live streaming websites: TwitchTV, own3D and Ustream. XSplit, the widely used program to stream to various sites, is fully supported at launch, which is a good sign. No price or release date has been announced, but expect it to have a retail price between $80-$120 (my estimate, so take it with a grain of salt).

On the AverMedia’s Facebook page, there will be a drawing, from January 15 to February 22, to have the chance at Beta testing the Live Game Portable. For full details on the event, head over to the AverMedia Facebook page and click on the Events icon.

AverMedia Live Gamer Portable