SteelSeries Introduces One of the Largest Gaming Surfaces - the QcK XXL

Ever since I purchased my very first PC from a computer trade show in the ‘90s, I always believed that mousepads were too small. I couldn’t comprehend why larger mousepads weren’t an industry standard. While I’ve had my fair share of smaller rectangular and circular mousepads (I still own my Star Wars: The Phantom Menace one), for the last 4 years I’ve been using a massive gaming surface. The most notable difference between a gaming surface and a traditional mousepad is the size. We aren’t talking about a slight boost in size either, gaming surfaces are designed to cover large sections of your desk, if not the entire surface.

Back when SteelSeries was founded in 2001 (known as Soft Trading at the time), the company first produced hard surfaced mouse mats. Leap forward 14 years and SteelSeries is well-known for producing top of the line gaming peripherals that are used in numerous gaming championships/tournaments around the world. Using the same material in the championship-grade QcK series, SteelSeries has released their largest mouse pad to date; the QcK XXL Professional Gaming Mousepad. Nearly three feet in length, this massive rectangular mouse pad ensures total freedom of movement.

“This massive mousepad's optimized surface guarantees a precise, consistent glide and provides maximum comfort for your wrist and hands.”

The QcK XXL Professional Gaming Mousepad is available now for $39.99 on the SteelSeries website.