Standalone PvP combat game 'Elite Dangerous: Arena' out now

Frontier has announced the Elite Dangerous Close Quarter Combat (CQC) PvP game is now available as a stand-alone title. Arena is currently accessible for those that already own Elite Dangerous.

Arena allows players immediate access to the thrilling, fast-paced space combat available in the main game without having to deal with both the exploration and trading aspects. Leveling up in Arena unlocks ship load outs and modules. Upon reaching Rank 50, players are given the option to 'Prestige' and reset their rank back to 1. Unlocks will be lost, but you'll gain more credits for use in the main game, along with a new icon and a permit to the Attilius Orbital starport in CD-4311917.

Elite Dangerous: Arena is available on Steam and the Frontier store for $7.49.

Elite: Dangerous