Skylanders Monopoly now available

For the Skylanders fanatics out there, USAopoly is producing a Skylanders themed version of the beloved Monopoly board game. The fully featured and licensed game board includes custom art of so-called fan-favorite Skylanders, but appears to be one of each element. Whether or not they are fan-favorites is up in the air.

Essentially staying true to the original Monopoly, players will be buying, selling and trading places based on Skylanders characters, such as Chop Chop’s Boneyard, Stealth Elf’s Ninja Dojo and Cynder’s Haunted House. While you won’t be able to choose from a boot or a dog, you will be able to control one of six metal tokens – KAOS, Sheep, Cannon, Pirate Ship, Swords or Chompie. I would have thought they would have chosen actual Skylanders for the metal tokens, but obviously they didn’t want to go that route with the game board populated with properties based on characters.

Skylanders Monopoly will retail for $39.99 and is available now.

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