SimCity to get an offline mode

The relaunch of the classic game series SimCity, was not as smooth as Maxis or EA hoped it would be. One of the main contention points fans had with the game when it released 10 months ago was the requirement of always being online. Of course, the game suffered from connectivity and server issues for the first few months, which hindered players from even playing the game.

Those who were able to connect to the game found that certain game functionalities were disabled and the longer you progressed in the game, a bigger issue would emerge. Player cities were limited in size, traffic was impossible to avoid and core game functions simply did not work. It seemed the faith of the new SimCity was sealed.

In a recent announcement on the SimCity blog, the game will include the ability for players to build offline cities. This single-player mode, will allow players to save games to their local hard drives instead of uploading them into the cloud. Internet not required. If you still long to test your city building prowess against other players, the online mode, which includes the Global Market and Leaderboards will still be available.

Now that the game is available offline, Modders will be able to create new worlds without being limited to the online servers. Being able to create mods for the game is a big part of why people love the SimCity series. A Modding Policy has been released if you want to add your own content to the game.

More details regarding the next patch will be available in the future post on the SimCity blog.