Riders of Icarus' Second Update Goes Live

Riders of Icarus, Nexon free-to-play MMORPG set atop the back of giant flying beasts like dragons, received its second update since hitting beta testing. This new update includes a variety of additions, not the least the entirely new Exarahn Badlands. Check the below list:

  • Exarahn Badlands: A lawless region rife with chaos and strife, entering the badlands will transport players a thousand years into the past to tackle fearsome creatures and new mounts.
  • New Mounts: the badlands, in their untamed state, contain a variety of new creatures to tame and turn into new mounts. Not all of them are easy prey though, especially the Nightmare and Profane Apocalypse.
  • Guild Alliance Wars: Taking the fight to enemy guilds has never been so easy. Guilds at rank 3 or higher within the game will be able to declare war against rival guilds, granting special bonuses and buffs to whoever emerges victorious either in flight or on the ground.
  • Manastone Battles: These weekly challenges are in the style of a capture-the-flag game, requiring players work with others in their alliance to successfully deliver the manastone shipments. Winners will end up receiving the Alliance Stingray, a massive flying mount capable of carrying 10 players simultaneously.
  • Militia: Those who prefer to be lone wolves or are members of guild below rank 3 are able to become militia members. This allows players to still join in on some of the Alliance-based gameplay without forcing them to wait on the sideline.

Those interested in joining the adventure are able to check out and download Riders of Icarus at ridersoficarus.com.

Riders of Icarus