Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition arrives on PC

After a sloppy PC port of the incredible and arguably the best Resident Evil game ever to be released, Resident Evil 4, PC gamers are finally able to get their hands on the Ultimate HD Edition of the game. Now available on Steam for $19.99,Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition features a solid 60 frames per second (fps) of survival horror action for the first time ever.

The latest edition allow boosts improved textures, wide screen optimization, as well as full controller support, Steam Achievements and a global leaderboards. The game also includes the Separate Ways epilogue that was missing in the initial GameCube release, but was available on every release since.

About Resident Evil 4

Special agent Leon S. Kennedy, a former Raccoon City officer, must rescue the President’s daughter from the cult worshipers in a rural village in Europe. A new threat called Las Plagas is unlike anything seen in the series before, moving away from the slow moving zombies the series is known for.

Resident Evil 4