Punch Club sells 300k copies, pirated over 1.6 million times

TinyBuild and Lazy Bear Games are celebrating 300,000 units sold for the underground flight club RPG Punch Club across PC, Mac, Linux, and mobile platforms. At the same time, they have released analytics and charts about the alarming amount of times Punch Club has been pirated.

Across PC / Mac / Linux, Punch Club has been pirated 1,137,00 times, and 514,000 times on mobile with 90% of the mobile piracy occurring on Android devices. Localization appears to play a major part in the high amount of piracy. As soon as the game was localized in Brazilian Portuguese, the game took off in that region, however without sales.

If you are interested in more charts and getting into the nitty gritty based on region, you can check out additional details on the tinyBuild blog.