Pool Nation VR coming to PlayStation VR this October

Back in 2013, I reviewed the PlayStation 3 release of Pool Nation, noting it was the most realistic simulation of billiards I have ever played. An updated version of the game already released on the PlayStation 4, but Cherry Pop Games and Perilous Orbit have announced they are bringing the game to PlayStation VR this October. As the game is already available on the HTC Vive platform, they would be presumably bringing all the features of that version to PSVR.

Pool Nation VR isn't just about billiards, as players can walk (teleport) around a fully rendered locations with up to eight players online; playing traditional pool, darts, skeeball, chess, checkers, shuffleboard and air hockey. Hell, you are free to pick up and toss empty beer bottles against walls after a full night of drinking (please don't do this in real-life). Players are represented as PSVR headsets and PlayStation Move controllers on-screen (presumably DS4 controllers as well), along with customizable hats if you want to go for a frat boy at a local bar look. After putting in some time with the Vive version of the game, I can safely say that it truly makes a difference to be able to line up your shots by looking around the table in virtual reality.

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