Pinkerton Road remakes Gabriel Knight

During GDC ’14 in San Francisco, I was able to talk to award-winning game designer Jane Jensen regarding her two upcoming titles. Licensed from Activision, Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers celebrates the 20th anniversary of the original Gabriel Knight series developed by Sierra On-Line back in the early ‘90s.

The game is set in New Orleans and focuses on the adventures Gabriel Knight, an author and bookstore owner. On the trail of “The Voodoo Murders”, Knight figures out that his destiny was to become a Schattenjäger, or “Shadow Hunter”.

The user interface on the 20th Anniversary Edition has been modernized to resemble recent point-and-click adventure games. The visuals have been remastered with the complete HD treatment, including extra details to the ambience, making New Orleans a more mystical place.

An all-new hint system, similar to the ones used in recent adventure titles will assist players in some of the more difficult puzzles. Based on the original dialog, the voice overs for the game have been re-recorded with a new voice cast, as the original recordings have been lost.

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers