Nintendo Wii U Kiosks hitting stores now

With only a couple weeks till the Nintendo Wii U releases, Nintendo has announced that there will be more than 5,000 kiosks setup across the United States. Retailers include: Target, Best Buy, GameStop, Walmart and Toys ‘R’ Us, but your milage may vary. Checking my local Target yesterday, there was no sign of a kiosk – not even a single sign or poster for the Wii U.

I can’t confirm if every single kiosk will be playable as Nintendo mentions, “visitors may be able to experience hands-on game play or enjoy specially created video content that highlights the console’s wide variety of available games and features.” The inclusion of ‘may’ has me worried that many of these kiosk will just be showing a video on set on loop. Personally, I wouldn’t buy a new system if I wasn’t able to get my hands on it first.

If you were able to find one of the kiosks, give a shout out below and let us know if it was playable or not.