New Game Announcement: Rainbow Skies

Coming from the team that released Rainbow Moon, Rainbow Skies will be built on the same system, but will feature a new cast of characters and a new world to explore. Rainbow Skies is currently in early development and will launch in late 2014 for consoles and handhelds. No details have been given at this time regarding which platforms the game will launch for.

New features in Rainbow Skies will include:

  • Catchable monsters that can be upgraded and used in the player’s party
  • An updated battle systen featuring new combo attacks
  • An improved side-quest system
  • Buildings that can be explored
  • And a ton of additional exciting content

If the game is set to launch at the end of 2014, I would assume it would be for the PlayStation 4, as well as the next-Xbox and PlayStation Vita.

Rainbow Skies