New artwork reveals the world of Vampyr

The Spanish flu outbreak of 1918 has laid waste to the once bustling London population, but prowling among the infected is something much older and deadlier than influenza: the Vampires.

Red Cross refugee camps = Vampire feeding grounds

Coming from game-development studio Dontnod (Life is Strange and Remember Me) and publisher Focus Home Interactive, Vampyr is a dark atmospheric action-RPG. Players take on the role of a doctor recently turning into a Vampire. As you attempt to understand your new affliction, you must balance your unquenchable thirst for blood and to cling to what humanity you have left. Through detailed skill-trees, players can choose their own combat styles, including crafting unique weapons and using powerful vampiric abilities to defeat unspeakable horrors.

Infected individuals are the least of your worries in London's dark alleyways

DONTNOD is aiming to release Vampyr on PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2017.