Keen Software House bringing Space Engineers exclusively to Xbox One

“We are really excited to introduce Space Engineers to an all new audience on Xbox One and provide gamers from around the world the same open-ended creative environment that has enamored PC gamers, said ."

Marek Rosa, CEO and Founder, Keen Software House

The Steam Early Access space-based sandbox game, Space Engineers will be coming exclusively to the Xbox One for twelve months through the [email protected] self-publishing platform. Not only can players build any kind of spaceship they desire, but also space stations and even mechanical walkers, thanks to the most recent patch that added rotatory components. Space Engineers offers a single-player and multiplayer environment, as well as both a Survival and Creative modes. The only limitation is your own creativity.

Being placed in an asteroid field, players can build, and pilot they’re on space ships and control their own space stations. Resources can be gathered from nearby asteroids and weaponry can be created to defend your creations. Using the VRAGE 2.0 engine, Space Engineers features volumetric-based physics environment, allowing for all objects to be assembled, destroyed and damaged realistically.

Check out the official Xbox One Announcement Trailer for Space Engineers.

Space Engineers