Harmonix launches crowdfunding campaign for Rock Band 4 on PC

With the launch of the crowdfunding platform solely for video games, Fig, Harmonix has launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring Rock Band 4 to PC. Over the course of the next 35 days, fans that have been asking for the series to arrive on PC can support the project across numerous reward tiers and the ability to invest in the project.

Harmonix is hoping to release Rock Band 4 on Steam in Fall 2016, with the current goal on Fig at $1.5 million. As of this article, the game has 149 backers that have pledged just under $60,000. Rock Band 4 on PC will provide players with tools to upload their own songs through the Rock Band Network via Steam Workshop. The entire Rock Band 4 community on Steam will be able to play any song uploaded.

  • World Tour Campaign Mode
  • Freestyle Guitar Solos
  • 65 songs included "out of the box," plus up to 33 additional songs for backers on Fig
  • 1,700+ additional playable songs available as downloadable content
  • Wireless guitar, drum kit and next-generation microphone support

The game will launch with the same features and content updates as the console version of the game, and will be updated alongside the console version. Hopefully, this means that the PC version will release updates the same time as the console version.

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