H1Z1 update introduces female zombies, ATVs and more

Just in time for Halloween, Daybreak Games has released a massive update to its zombie survival game, H1Z1. Still in Steam Early Access, you will begin to notice some additional variety to the zombie population, as female zombies will begin to spawn in the game world voiced by Twitch streamer LegendaryLeo.

"The update also introduces Kurama Medical, a unique facility with various content loops that span its interior and exterior. Along with medicines and supplies, players can piece together the stories of those who sought refuge in the hospital during its final days before it was overrun and abandoned."

Adding to the transportation methods in the game, ATVs are now available, although their open design does not guarantee safety.

The new Item Exchange System gives players the chance to bundle items together and trade for rare and ultra-rare items. Some of the ultra-rare items will only be available through the Item Exchange System. The new Mercenary Crate contains a slew of new items and skins, including new ghillie suits and ultra-rare skins for the popular AR15.

Read the complete 10/14 patch notes for H1Z1 on the game's Reddit page .