Grey Goo adds fourth faction in free "Descent of the Shroud" update

Petroglyph has released an all new expansion for their competitive RTS Grey Goo as a free content update on PC. Descent of the Shroud adds a new faction that even the Goo has tried to avoid in the far reaches of the galaxy. The new faction is available in both online multiplayer and offline skirmish modes, as well as a new single-player campaign mission that takes place after the events of the main story. The mission introduces the Shroud, a mysterious species with growing units and structures.

The original three races (Human, Beta, Goo) also receive new units; the Squall is a new Beta ranged ground unit with a knockback ability; the Goo's Siphon unit has a vampiric ability to steal health and give it back to ally units; and the Humans Valiants AI bot deploys a shield to redirect damage away from friendly units and back towards the aggressor.

Grey Goo has also received a new reduced price of $29.99, along with a Definitive Edition that includes all current DLC (Emergence and Descent of the Shroud), and the complete original soundtrack.

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Grey Goo